Carpet Stretch & Repair

Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet Stretching 

Carpet stretching is the solution to your carpet buckling up and showing creases in the center or sides of the room.carpet stretching pro carpet care - carpet cleaning dallas Most carpet can be stretched with equipment we utilize called a power stretcher and it can pull and stretch carpet from one side of the room to the other stretching it out to remove any areas that are buckling due to furniture moving back and forth or just simple wear and walking on over time. Once the carpet is stretched out to the right amount the excess is then cut with a blade and your carpet is tucked back into place and hammered into the tack strip. This can also fix frayed edges of carpet that have been damaged. Carpet can be stretched to the point to eliminate the frayed edges and you will not notice any frayed edges after the excess is cut off.



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Do you have carpet that has damage in the center of the room that needs to be patched? We can help with that! Give us a call today and we will get you a quote over the phone after viewing images of your damaged carpet. We will be able to answer any questions and offer you any solution that will resolve your carpet damage issue.


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