Flood Damage Clean Up


We offer flood damage clean up, water damage restoration, water removal, water extraction, flood damage, water clean up and structural dry out in the Dallas, Fort Worth & Denton Areas. If you need emergency services please call us immediately. It is very important to turn off all of the electricity breakers in your home if you have a water damage emergency. We clean up and extract any water issues you may have quickly and efficiently. We can be at your location within 60 minutes in most cases. 

 Water Damage Restoration and Water Clean Up in Dallas

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Flood Damage Clean Up

What to expect from us upon arrival. We will assess the damage areas, create a detailed estimate of the process to clean up and dry out the damage as soon as possible. 


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Flood Damage Clean Up


water damage restoration in Dallas


Most insurance adjusters and claim representatives are familiar with the flood damage clean up and water damage restoration companies available in your community that can begin the clean up quickly. Even if your insurance company places the call to the water damage restoration company, the restoration company works for You! Review your responsibilities under your insurance policy for cleaning up the home to prevent additional damage. Discuss any questions you have about clean up with your insurance representative or claim adjuster.

When the water damage restoration company arrives, thoroughly walk through your home with the restoration company representative and discuss the areas that need to be cleaned. Your insurance company adjuster or claim representative may recommend what and how your home should be cleaned, but in the end it is your decision. If you have a camera, take pictures of the damage. After the water damage restoration company evaluates the work and equipment needed to clean your home, they will provide you with an estimate or contract for their services. Read the contract to make sure all the services discussed are listed. You must sign this contract, before the restoration company will begin work on your home. Ask for documentation showing drying progress and completion. Once you sign this contract, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for paying the water damage restoration company for the work described, not your insurance company.

Most insurance claim settlements will cover the cost of the cleanup done by the water damage restoration company. If your insurance claim is denied, your contract with the restoration company requires you to pay for their services. In the weeks following the water damage, frequently inspect the areas where the restoration company worked to make certain no moisture or dampness remain in your home. REMEMBER: You are not obligated to hire the water damage restoration company called by your insurance company. You may select any restoration company to do the clean up, but the work must be done quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

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The Step By Step Process
If you experience a problem with the services of the water damage restoration company, you must take it up with the restoration company, not the insurance company. Not all cleaning and restoration services that the restoration company provides are covered under your insurance policy. Being in the home while it is being cleaned may not be required by your restoration company, but only you are responsible for overseeing the work being done in your home. You, as the customer, must be satisfied with the work!